Try this incredible butternut squash crumble!


Ok, so my photos are not the best. And yes, I know that squash does not always sound like the most exciting ingredient. However, I cannot tell you just how MUCH my opinion of squah changed after trying this recipe. I love it. It could make a great side dish to any hearty meal that includes, beef, chicken or turkey but you know what? I would make it just to enjoy it as it is. It is easy to make and there is not one person who will sit at your table and not rave about it. This recipe is from David Lebovitz´s My Paris Kitchen and is the recipe chosen for this week in my cooking group cookthebookfridays . I am late in posting this as I have been super busy and genuinely exhausted from working. The first month or two of the school year is as hard on teachers as it is on the kids. And the obligation to work at home as the result of a lack of time at work is really a tough pill to swallow! Still, I have managed to squeeze in some time to do things that I love and this recipe has been one of my discoveries. It is wonderful. If you are interested int he recipe, check it out here . It think the idea of a savoury crumble is just brilliant! And yes…the crumbly part is kind of addictive. I would imagine that this is pretty great with pumpkin too!


I will check out what my fellow bloggers thought of this one over the weekend!


Take care, xxxx Natascha

10 thoughts on “Try this incredible butternut squash crumble!

  1. Just thought I would check the blog again and there you were. A great post and another
    delicious recipe from David. We enjoyed it served along side a roast beef that
    Tricia cooked us for our anniversary. It was delicious.

    1. Thank you so much, Sadie! I have left my poor blog behind but every now and then I come back to it! I have to get back to it more often because I miss it! Hope you are well! xxxx

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