Easy and yummy sardine rillettes


I never used to like sardines. I said that without really trying them because I can be funny about fish. But then I came to Spain and discovered how delicious they can be. My mother in law often makes a lovely sardine spread when she invites us over and it always disappears in no time.  So, having been introduced to how good sardines can be, I had no problem making this recipe for cookthebookfridays . This recipe is from David Lebovitz´s sensational cookbook My Paris Kitchen and it is easy to whip up!


I used a tin of sardines in oil. I just made sure to dry them carefully and remove the bones. If you are interested in this recipe, check out the link here.  As i said, it is easy to make and just delicious.


Have a go at this and you won´t be disappointed. If you want to check out what others thought of this recipe, you can see their reactions here .

Hope you all have a super weekend! xxxx Natascha

18 thoughts on “Easy and yummy sardine rillettes

  1. I just love that crescent glass dish you served it in! Love both Dorie’s and now David’s sardine recipe!

    1. Thanks a million! I am kind of obsessed with dishes because they make everything look prettier. I have not ried Dorie´s yet but I will have to look into it!! Enjoy your weekend,Emily!

  2. Your sardines rillettes look wonderful in that pretty dish. These were so simple to prepare,
    a smidgen different from Dorie’s recipe but tasty all the same. Have a great weekend.

  3. I agree with Emily – that’s a lovely dish! I think people can be intimidated by sardines in Canada and the U.S., but recipes like this one could make converts out of almost any of them. We’re lucky here to have access to fresh sardines, seasonally, as well as great locally canned ones, too. Still, I’d love to be sitting in a Spanish tapas bar right now with some sardine dishes in front of me!

  4. I agree that sardines can be very good indeed, fresh or served as a spread in this recipe. The canned version is no comparison to the fresh kind, in my opinion.

  5. I really enjoyed this one too. Then again, I like sardines just fine. I agree with you that this is simple and yummy. A definite winner!

  6. I think Europeans (and, other nationalities as well) are more adventurous than Americans. Maybe so. Maybe not. This is the first time I’ve ever made a recipe with sardines.( I didn’t make Dorie’s rillette.) What was even more interesting is that the sardine was the star of the show so the fishiness did come through although butter and cream cheese have a way of toning any taste down. I served it with cocktails to friends who loved it. And, we all lived happily ever after, didn’t we?

    1. Hi! i cannot believe I didn´t answer you sooner! I am so sorry! This is just yummy! It is not too fishy and it is delicious! It is a bitrich but what the heck…every now and then you can be naughty haha! Take care my friend and thank you xxxx

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