Scalloped potatoes with blue cheese and roasted garlic


I like potatoes. They are such a versatile ingredient and they are cheap too. You can get them at any time of the year and they taste so good. Acknowledging these things, I have never been able to think of a potato dish that I thought was unforgettable. I mean, I like potatoes..I don´t go bananas for them. However, this certainly changed after trying this week´s recipe in my cooking group Cookthebookfridays . The recipe for scalloped potatoes sounded nice enough but I was not particularly eager to try it. I had tried scalloped potatoes before and I confess I was not wild about them. Maybe it is because they were a bit too liquidy. I don´t know. At any rate, I went ahead and got started making these yesterday afternoon. What a perfect day to make this. It was, for the first time, starting to look like fall around here. We have had uncharacteristically warm weather for November and October. So instead of intense heat, it was raining cats and dogs and it was cold and dark. Lovely. It is so nice to be home and cozy when the weather is like this! And a hearty potato dish seemed appropriate. David Lebovitz´s recipe called for 195 g of blue cheese but I only had half of that. I had some Feta cheese leftover from another recipe so I added the rest of that instead. Then I realised I had no chives so I just added some chopped onion.

The recipe itself is so easy to follow and to make. Love that! The smell is absolutely divine. I mean…WOW!!!  And the taste matches its delicious smell. We loved it. Even my husband, who is very cautious about eating too much cheese, abslolutely loved it.


I especially liked that it wasn´t liquidy or too blue cheesy. I like blue cheese but sometimes it is overpowering.  I am delighted to say that I have leftovers for today!

If you are interested in this recipe, you can find it here.wp-1478421072158.jpg

I can´t finish this post without saying how wonderful David Lebovitz´s cookbook My Paris Kitchen really is. I am enjoying it so much and I have not been disappointed in any of the recipes I have tried. If any of you don´t have it or are considering purchasing it, you will not regret having it in your cooking library.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I am off to make a coffee and to resist grazing on my beautiful leftovers haha!

xxxx Natascha


14 thoughts on “Scalloped potatoes with blue cheese and roasted garlic

  1. Oh goodies, how tasty! I can’t have enough of potatoes, l could easily survive only on potato dishes without getting bored in the slightlest. I love the combination garlic and cheese, it goes amazingly well with potatoes.

  2. Your dish does look yummy and perfect for a dreary rainy day. We liked this a lot
    and if I could figure out how to cook it next to a big turkey on Thanksgiving, I would
    love to add this to my menu. Unfortunately, Tricia has ordered a huge bird so I know it
    will not fit. I am definitely keeping this recipe to make again.

  3. It’s amazing how consistently great all of these recipes have been! I agree with everything you said about the potatoes (mellow blue cheese, etc.) and we had similar weather when I was making this and making up the kale dish so we were quite happy with our comfort food!

  4. Oh I do love that second picture of the portion out potatoes, they had absorbed all the cream and screaming eat now! A keeper recipe this one is!

  5. That looks wonderful! And so nice that it was a hit for both you and your husband. I agree with you about the book – there’s been nothing I’ve tried so far that I haven’t loved.

  6. You have a great blog and I am going to follow you. Thanks for sharing. Please pop over to my blog when you have a monent and see Melanie’s Chicken Curry with Peashat’s cooking on my end.

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