Spiced meatballs with siracha sauce


Meatballs for dinner doesn´t sound too exciting does it? No. Not even as an appetizer. At least, this was my opinion before trying this week´s recipe chosen by my cooking group Cookthebookfridays . I was not overly enthusiastic about trying them but then I figured that I had not been disappointed by any recipes that I have tried in David Lebovitz´s My Paris Kitchen. It was worth a go!

These were incredibly easy to make and quite versatile. You could serve them with homemade siracha mayonnaise or a yogurt tahini sauce. I opted for the latter because yogurt and tahini sounded much more appealing.  The kind of meat that you use is variable too. You can combine beef and lamb or just use beef. I used beef.

As I said, this recipe was incredibly easy and the spices such as coriander, fennel cumin and allspice just made this dish FANTASTIC! The sauce was wonderful too. I would make this again for a dinner party and I know they would be a big hit. My husband was thrilled with this meal too.  Want to know more about this recipe? Check it out here https://suitsandspatulas.wordpress.com/2014/11/10/meaty-mondays-spiced-meatballs-with-sriracha-mayonnaise/


I am late in posting this recipe because I was a bit busy this weekend. I will check out my fellow bloggers´posts later in the week. School starts this week and as a teacher, I am slightly preoccupied!

Have a good week everyone!

xxxxx Natascha

22 thoughts on “Spiced meatballs with siracha sauce

  1. These look tasty. I can’t believe it is back to school time already. Summer flew by. Evie starts back at school tomorrow. She is excited and happy to get back with her friends and teachers. Good luck I am sure it will be very busy for you!

    1. Thank you so much! How was Evie’s first day? Is she happy? Things will calm down eventually over here. The first week is hard and getting the kids back into a routine is not easy. Plus it is so hot these days. We are having a nasty heat wave. 90 degrees in the afternoon! Bring on the cooler weather please! 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  2. Wow, I am thinking about dinner right now and thought I would give one more check of our blog. I looked at that photo and it it so enticing, Those meatballs look so delicious. I made mine with just beef because that’s what I had on hand and they were delicious. I made the mayo and sriracha mix and it really was good.

  3. I think this might have been a universal hit for the group. They’re so good! Hope back to school is great and not too busy for you.

  4. Good luck with back to school – I’m a little busy over here too! These were great, weren’t they! Need to try with actual sriracha as I only used harissa (that’s what we have on hand) but I’ve already made them three times 🙂 Quick and easy with lots of flavour, what’s not to love?

    1. Thank you so much! I honestly think that teachers are more nervous than the kids sometimes! The stress can be crazy! Good food is a great comfort and this is definitely a meal to enjoy! Have a great week! 😘

  5. My kids could eat meatballs every day! (And my husband loves siracha.) This sounds great Natascha! And thanks to you and a previous mention, I have just started reading My Paris Kitchen 🙂

  6. Natascha! Wishing you a great school term ahead!

    Wow, that header picture is awesome, and yes! these were good. I prefer the yogurt dip more than the mayo!

  7. Your meatballs look wonderful, and I’m happy they were such a pleasant surprise!! They were so easy and quick to make too – which is a plus with busy schedules! I made mine with lamb, baked, Sriracha sauce – and served with Naan. I’ve enjoyed seeing everyone’s different versions. Good luck with back to school!!

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