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Hi! I haven´t done any challenges in a while and now seems like a good time. My friend Lina over at Lin´s Recipes has shared her idea to start this challenge and I am really excited about it! She sent me this list and I was really interested because I am not familiar with the majority of the recipes. I know that summer has begun and many of you don´t have so much time but are any of you interested in trying a recipe here? I will choose at least one but I don´t know which one yet!

A- Austria- Wiener Schnitzel Anotherfoodieblogger

B-Bulgaria- Shopska salad


D-Denmark-Frikadeller Natascha


F- Finland- Karelian pastry

G- Germany- Bratwurst

H- Holland- Stroopwafel

I- Iceland- Hangikjot

J- Japan- Tempura

K- Kenya- Irio

L- Lebanon- Fateh b’Hummus Natascha

M- Macau- Portuguese egg tarts

N- Nepal- Momos CHcooks

O- Oman- Harees

P- Poland- Sernik

Q-Qatar- Kabsa

R- Romania- Papanasi DanielaApostol

S- Sri Lanka- Kevum

T- Taiwan- Gua-bao

U- USA- Sirloin steak

V- Venezuela- Arepas

Y- Yemen- Saltah

Z- Zimbabwe- Dovi

I will be opening a link around the first week of August so you can share your recipes. the linkup with last a week so you will have lots of time to organise your posts. I will share all of the recipes in a separate post.

Hope to hear from you!

xxxx Natascha

9 thoughts on “Around the world recipe challenge

  1. This is so cool Natascha! I would love to take up this challenge and try to prepare at least 1 or 2 dishes from the list. Even I dont know of any of the dishes listed above except for Momos (momos are one of my favorites! but havent prepared them ever!)…but i can at least try! It will be so much fun! 🙂 …one question!…If I make any of the dishes…do i post it on my blog? or is there a separate link? Do let me know! Thanks 🙂

  2. I would love to have a go at the Romanian papanasi, even if l’m Romanian, l have never tried the recipe myself, but it’s such a popular recipe and one of the most loved over there.

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