Fabulous Fattoush and homemade pita


Hi everyone! I have not been blogging much recently.  Life has been super busy lately and I have been working a lot. The end of the school year is a bit crazy for teachers as well as for students! I have had some free time and I have been using to cook while blogging has taken a backseat. Cooking has helped me to disconnect from a very stressful time.  I was quite happy when the recipe this week from my cooking group cookthebookfridays was fattoush because it was a salad. Easy peasy, right?  Right! I was not quite sure what fattoush is. I mean, I knew it is a salad but what made it special compared to other salads? So I looked it up on Wikipedia.

Fattoush (Arabic: فتوش, also fattush, fatush, fattoosh, and fattouche) is a Levantine bread salad made from toasted or fried pieces of pita bread (khubz ‘arabi) combined with mixed greens and other vegetables, such as radishes and tomatoes.

There you have it The pita bread and the radishes! YUM! I could not wait to get started. An easy salad sounded perfect!

First,I decided to make my own pita bread. Honestly, this is something that could not be easier and is delicious.


Interested in the recipe? Here it is:


225 g bread flour

125 g warm water

15 g olive oil

5 g fresh yeast

5 g sugar

5 g salt

*Sunflower oil to grease your work surface

In a bowl, put the oil, warm water, sugar and crumbled fresh yeast. Mix with a wooden spoon until well combined. Add the flour and the salt. Mix. Lightly oil a work surface with sunflower oil and turn the contents of the bowl onto the surface. Scrape the bowl well with a spatula to get all the mixture out,. Knead gently until you have a nice smooth ball. Be patient. It won´t come together in 30 seconds but it won´t take 10 minutes either! Grease a glass or porcelain bowl lightly with olive oil and place the ball inside. Cover with cling film and leave to rise for at least an hour. During that time, it should double in size.

Preheat the oven to 240 degrees. Take the ball out of the bowl and cut it into pieces weighing about 50 grams each. Rolls them into balls. Flatten each of them with a rolling pin until they are about 12 cm in diameter.


Cover a baking tray with parchment paper and arrange the pitas on it. You will have to bake in turns because they won´t all fit onto the tray. (I made 12 pitas) Bake for about 5 minutes or maybe less, depending on your oven. They are ready when they have risen. A few may not rise but don´t worry. They are still wonderful!


And now for the fattoush!


This recipe is from David Lebovitz´s cookbook, My Paris Kitchen . I decided to make this on a Monday and I was very bold in suggesting this as a main meal. My husband was quite surprised but when he saw all the ingredients he was pretty enthusiastic. All that was missing were the radishes. He offered to go to the shop nearby to see if there were any and he came back with some gorgeous ones. I got busy chopping away.


And I cut the pitas into strips after baking them again. (Just had to toast them)



And then came the fun part. Mixing all these lovely ingredients together!



Beautiful! And what was the result? WONDERFUL! We loved it and I did not make a mistake in suggesting this as a main meal. It was delicious and filling!  I would make it again and my husband even suggested a lovely glass of pink sparkling wine to go with it. Poor me!  That Monday night was a tough one! hahah!

I did not have any shallots so I used leeks instead. I did not have any sumac, which is a required ingredient. I substituted it with grated lemon rind and a bit of freshly ground pepper.

I am looking forward to seeing how the others reacted to this recipe. If you are interested in making this, check out the recipe here

Have a good weekend everyone!







42 thoughts on “Fabulous Fattoush and homemade pita

    1. Thank you so much!The pita was so simple and I had a lot of fun making the salad. it was beautiful to look at and a pure pleasure to wolf down! Enjoy your weekend!

  1. I ate this as a main meal too. Not too heavy, not too light. Your pita bread looks amazing. Mine was much thinner. I like how substantial yours looks. Happy weekend.

    1. Hi! Thank you so much, Betsy! it was perfect as a main meal! I am not an expert on pita bread but i liked that it was a bit thick because it absorbed the oil and liquid so well. Have a great weekend too! Thank you again! xxxx

  2. What a wonderful post. Making you own pita bread? Now, that’s something special. I’m not so sure I could have toasted it and broken it into pieces! Although I served it as a side dish for a dinner party I had, I knew it would be filling. So, I just decided to have salmon, sauteed sugar snaps to go with the salad. No potato, rice, or the like. No one complained and we were all satisfied. (Perhaps we overdid the vino also.) From now on I will make it as the main dish. It deserves to be, don’t you think?

    1. Thank you so, so much Mary! I had a lot of fun making this. The pitas were easy to make and all the gorgeous colours in the salad makes this disha perefct one for the next party or gathering. Like you say, it is quite filling and I can´t believe that my husband was so happy with this as a main dish. He loves salads but he is not used to them as main dishes. It is so good, it DOES deserve it!This sounds lovely with salmon! i think good food and good company sometimes calls for a little overdoing of the vino! Take care and thank you again! xxxx

  3. I’m so impressed that you made your own pita for this! I bet it was extra-good. I really loved this salad, too, and was thinking it would be perfect with rosé – glad to know I’m right. I might have to test that out next time I make this.

    1. It is peredt with the rosé ! Mybubby is pretty keen on those things1 i knocked about two glasses bak effortlessly haha! The pita is so easy to make and so much better than anything you buy in the store! Thank you so much! xxx

    1. Thank you so much! they were so easy to make! Thank you for understanding the stress too. Honestly, it is physically and mentally exhausting! All the best to you in your last week. I have about a month left. xxxxxxx

  4. We enjoyed this too, and it really was a enough for a main meal. I also used lemon zest on mine, but I would like to find the sumac for future salads.

  5. Yours looks great and glad that things are easing up for you. I am not a teacher but work has been crazy too… I almost forgot to post this week! This was so delicious and will definitely make it again. I loved the slivers of radishes and of course added alot of sumac… yummm!

    1. Hi Nicole! Thank you so much! I understand how you almost forgot! Me too! i have to invest insumac because judging by all these good reviews of it, it looks like it is worth it! Hope you have a great week!

  6. Thanks Natascha for the pita recipe! And your hubby is a great help going out to the store to get those gorgeous radishes! Yes, the salad can be a meal by itself… I have mine for brunch!

    1. Hi! you are so welcome! so simple and the flavour is so much better than something store bought! My hubby is pretty good about going and gettting ingredients. God love him! Have a great week!

  7. I thought about making pita too, but that’s as far as I got. So i appreciate the virtual bread making experience! 😉 Hopefully you’re off now for a summer of fun and cooking! I can appreciate the extra stress of end of the school year activity. I was a secondary teacher waaay back, as my daughter is now. In fact, I’m headed out to Portland again to help out while she’s busy with end of school (but really an excuse to play grandma again).

    1. That is a fantastic excuse! I still have a few weeks to go but time is passing quickly. You and your daughter must be extra special because secondary would be impossible for me! I hope you have a great time with her and your grandchildren. Take care, my friend xxxx

  8. Did u check your mail?? I had to resend it cause I didn’t realise it was nt sent, hence the delay! Sorry!

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