Ham, pear and blue cheese quiche and Food Revolution Day


Hi! Did you know that today is Food Revolution Day? If you didn´t, don´t worry. I only discovered this by being part of my cooking group which is cooking its way through David Lebovitz´s cookbook My Paris Kitchen . So, what is it all about?  Well, it was started by none other than Jamie Oliver and here is what it is about:

Access to good, fresh, real food and the basic skills to cook it has the power to transform lives, and that is what the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation is all about. Working in the UK, US and through the Good Foundation in Australia, we are leading a full-scale and ongoing Food Revolution to improve the health and happiness of future generations, through the food they eat. From our food education programmes delivered at a local level, to our national and international campaigns that influence policy on key issues, we aim to revolutionise the way people feed themselves, and their families.

Source :Food Revolution

My cooking group posted the following messages:

This year, the theme is #FeedtheFuture and Jamie’s put together what he’s calling a starter Pack of recipes(available in UK and US measures) – ten delicious, nutritionally balanced recipes, each covering a different skill and technique that can give anyone the confidence to cook good, real, healthy meals for themselves and their families, for now and the future. Jamie has spoken about the idea of ten recipes to save your life since his TED talk in 2010.

For Cook the Book Fridays on Friday May 20th 2016, we’re all going to be cooking the dish we’ve deemed a “must know” starter French recipe – QUICHE! David’s recipe for Ham, Blue Cheese and Pear quiche (p 155) includes a pastry crust recipe – something that really should be in everyone’s repertoire whether they are French or not!

Before I continue with the actual recipe and the outcome, I should say a few things about the Food Revolution Day. I think it is a great idea and I am especially in favour it because I teach children. May of them have poor diest and it is not their fault. Their parents rely too often on ready made meals, unhealthy snacks and junk food. Learning a few cooking basics is not hard and parents can make an effort to cook healthy meals for their kids. The majority of teachers I work with are women. Many of them are between 23 and 28 with at least one child and a good majority  readily admit that they don´t cook and neither do their husbands. And it leaves me wondering. What do their children eat and seriously, doesn´t having kids require the responsibilty of feeding them well? Or at least making an effort? I feel very strongly about this because I was lucky enough to have parents that cooked for me when I was a child. And let me tell you, I did not dictate what I ate or didn´t eat. I think that this is why I have a positive attitude towards food. I don´t mind trying new recipes whether  someone cooking for me or I am trying to decide which recipe to try. And I have fond memories of the different dishes that my mom would prepare for my dad because they were his favourites or that she prepared for us for christmas or our birthdays.  (My dad used to make me a steak every Friday…I so looked forward to it and even now, whe I vist him, he makes one for me!) Food,  became part of my childhood and not long ago, I told my mom how much I appreciate everything she did, and still does. (My Dad cooked too but he worked full time and my mom stayed at home. That doesn´t mean she did not work, of course!) And she answered that even though her mom was single and working full time, she always made sure there were good meals on the table. The same can be said for my husband´s mother. She worked full time to support her two children and cooked simple but delicious meals for her kids. When I say, ¨simple¨ I don´t mean it in a condescending way. I say ¨simple¨to contradict the opionion that to cook something great you need extensive culinary knowledge and lots of time.

Incidentally, this was my first time makig a quiche. My mom used to make them a lot. I had fun making it and it was the first time my husband tried a quiche. He loved it too.

Are you interested in the recipe? You can find it here . the combination of pear and blue cheese is just divine although I did make a few changes to the original recipe. I used cured ham instead of cooked ham. (You cannot find a good cooked ham here in Spain like you can find in France or Ireland.)  I also reduced the amount of Roquefort because I find it a bit strong. I put 100 grams instead of 150 and substituted the 50 grams with more cured ham. Also used 2 small onions and 1 clove of minced garlic as a substitution for the leeks. The crust for the quiche was quite simple to make and it fit my 10 inch pie pan quite well. The crust was quite delicate and it did not take over the flavourr. the one thing which was a notable difference was the baking time. I had to bake it for another 20 minutes or so and I covered it with foil so that the top would not burn.

2016-05-19-17.37.14.jpg.jpg 2016-05-19-17.38.46.jpg.jpg2016-05-19-17.39.37.jpg.jpg2016-05-19-17.40.18.jpg.jpg

The quiche froze very well.  I would definitely make this again, especially for a special occasion. It looks beautiful, it is easy to make and tastes delicious.

I am looking forward to checking what my cooking buddies have done and what their reactions were.If you are interested in checking them too, check them out here . I am also sharing this on Fiesta Friday

Have a good weekend everyone and join us in a Food Revolution!

xxxx Natascha



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    1. Hi! Thank you so much! I would never have thought of combining pear and blue cheese but it is a great combination! I bet your quiches, like everything else you share with us, are wonderful!

    1. Thank you so very much! I loved making it and the smell in the house was wonderful. I am really stunned by the number of women I know who don´t cook. And most have betwen to to 5 kids! Yes! It is unbelievable! Have a good weekend!

  1. I also wonder what families actually eat when the parents don’t cook. I grew up with parents who cooked and I have always cooked, so it’s hard for me to imagine. Your quiche looks perfect!

    1. Yes! It is hard to imagine! My parents always made an effort and they encouraged a very healthy and positive attitude towards food. Sometimes I sit at the lunch table at work where there are primarily women and the main topic of discussion is food and the number of calories it contains as well as the fat, their diets and complaints about the food that is served in the cafeteria. I find it appalling. If the food is so bad…cook something yourself! And to analyse food that way is just too much. I think that everything should be in moderation and a positive attitude helps! The quiche was fun to make and surprisingly easy! Have a super weekend! xxx

  2. Thanks for bringing that delectable quiche to the Fiesta, Natascha. It looks like a pretty satisfying meal and I must say great for a summer picnic. You definitely bring up some great points on full time working parents. Over on this side of the world, I don’t know of too many that actually take the time to cook a home-made meal either. There is just so much out there that is quick and easy, that nobody tries anymore. However, if they were to read the labels, they would know that there is just so much in there that is not really healthy. Jamie Oliver does a great job trying to send that message through. Thank you.

    1. Thank YOU so much! I agree that this would be perfect for a summer picnic or a family get together. It is substantial, to say the least! But you know, everyone deserves a little treat now and then! I think you hit the nail on the head with the fact that nobody tries anymore. I hope to have a child one day, but even if I don´t, I make an effort to cook for my husband. One day, he told me that his colleagues at work envied him because I cook or bake for him. i thought he was exagerating. Then one of his colleagues came to dinner (with his wife!) and said he could not believe that i cooked the meal! Unbelievable. Did you hear that the food labels in the United States are going to change? Not a bad idea! I agree that Jamie is doing a great job in spreading the message. Have a fantastic weekend my firend xxxx

  3. I’m glad you had a occasion to make this essential recipe for yourself! Cured ham sounds so much better than boiled ham. As good as this was, I’m imagining yours was that much better.

    My mom cooked for us, no arguments. As you said, it might have been simple, but it was always made with love, which was the most important ingredient. And we sat down together as a family and shared a common meal. My sisters and I follow that example in our own families. Whenever I remember that isn’t always the way it works, I feel grateful for the gift my mother gave us.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thank you so much Betsy! I will admit that the cured ham was a good match for the pear and blue cheese. I am so grateful for the gift my mother gave us too. Even now, she still inspires me. We sit together as a family too and the television is off. In many situations, it is not possible to have these same luxuri that you and I had but I think more parents can make an effort. A simple meal can be made and the answer of, ¨I don´t cook¨is not acceptable, especially if you have children. Have a fantastic weekend too! xxx

  4. I had some quiche left over but I didn’t even consider freezing it. Well, that’s a lie. I decided to eat it for breakfast and didn’t even consider freezing it. I also cooked my quiche about 30 minutes longer than David suggested. Food and family together make good memories, don’t they. Thank you for sharing.

    1. hahha!Quiche for breakfast sounds like something I would do along with the company of a good book! Food and family are a heavenly combination. Thank YOU so much! xxxxx

  5. I think your post inspired mine! We share fond childhood food memories it seems

  6. Wonderful post, and I loved reading your stories about what ingredients you can get and your families. I have to admit, I was shocked to find out one time that one of my nieces had to take cookies to a school event, and she was the only person in her group that actually made something at home to take!

    I think that even the simplest home made meal shows caring and love, and it’s even more fun when you cook together! So happy you both enjoyed this quiche! It looks fantastic!!

    1. Thank you so much! I had a lot of fun making this! Like you say, a meal does not have to be complicated. You can make a simple meal and knowing that you are making the people you love happy is the best reward. I love cooking with my mom. We chat away and sometimes enjoy a glass of wine while we cook. They are wonderful moments. Thank you again and enjoy the rest of your weekend! 😙😙❤❤

  7. Your quiche turned out beautifully!

    Not only did my parents cook, but as the oldest kid, I started cooking at a young age. I had simple jobs to do before my parents got home from work (like season a roast and put it in the oven), so that we could eat together at a reasonable hour. It’s a great way to teach kids that cooking is part of the everyday routine.

    1. Thank you so much! Smart parents! You are right in saying that they taught you that cooking is part of an every day routine and not an exhaustive, laborious and impossible task. I am no chef by any means, but I can read instructions well and I enjoy making my family happy. That is what cooking is all about I think!

  8. I haven’t left comments since I don’t have the types of account required here. This is my first attempt using the FB account, a trial if you will. We were lucky to have parents who cooked for us. Need to all parents to do the same. Love the use of cured ham in your quiche. What a mouth-watering one!

    1. Hi! thank you so much for taking the time to comment through your FB account. I really appreciate it! I agree that we are so fortunate that our parents cooked for us and did not settle with feeding us crap! Every parent can do somethinghomemade and it does not have to require ages in the kitchen or etensive culinary knowledge. the cured ham really gave this an extra kick and toned down the strong flavour of the blue cheese. We loved this and I had so much fun making it! Thanks again and hope you had a great weekend! xxxx

    1. i never would have thought of it either but it is a brilliant combination! I have developed a weakness for quiche too. Guess we can´t help it if we have good taste eh!Thank you so much and enjoy the rest of your weekend! xxx

  9. I too froze my leftovers. I put them in individual servings. Your quiche looks beautiful- fantastic for your first one ever!

  10. Your quiche looks gorgeous! Congratulations on your first quiche!

    1. Hi! thanks a million! Nothing like well written instuctions! I love the cookboo and really anticipate rrying all the new things. Hope you have had a great weekend xxxx

  11. Enjoyed your post tremendously! Your first ever quiche looked amazing! You did great! I started cooking for the family in my early teens as my parents ran their canteen in the foreign ministry six days a week! My late dad encouraged me in testing out recipes as well.

    1. Hi! Thank you so much! I had a lot of un making it. How wonderful your exoerience i the canteen must have been! Where were you? The influence of our parents can never be underestimated. Thank you for encouraging me xxxxxxx

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