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Tomorrow is March the 15th, which also known as the Ides of March. The Ides of March is a day known in history as the day Julius Caesar was assassinated which marked the end of the Roman Republic and the beginning of the Roman Empire. The traces of that empire can be seen here in Spain and are still so impressive.

And yes, I thoroughly enjoy Shakespeare´s play.

The Ides of March also marks the first day of the Roman new year and the first day of spring in the Roman calendar. From a culinary point of view, this interests me very much because the Ides of March was a big day for feasting. I was reading about this today when I discovered, to my complete surprise that there are recipes that remain  from the 4th century from a foodie named Marcus Gavius Apicius. Does this surprise you too? Most of what we know about their culinary habits comes from him.

And the recipes are not obcure or peculiar. The recipes I have seen look or sound fantastic and not unlike what you may see in a Greek, Italian or Spanish cookbook. Mediteraenean cooking has a rich and interesting history. You see the above image for the challenge with the eggs? That is a mosaic from Pompeii. Personally, I would go there before going to Rome itself but that is another story!

Would you be interested in a challenge to try one of these recipes? I am definitely trying one but I am not sure which yet! They are all available online! If you have trouble finding one, let me know!


I just have to add another mosaic from Pompeii. I love it and I wonder what she is thinking about? Maybe she is thinking of a recipe too haha!

The recipes in red are taken!


Roman custard-Trupti

Roman stuffed dates- Lina

Roman bread- Antonia

Honey spiced Roman cakes

Collumella Salad – Natascha

Soft boiled eggs in pine nut sauce-Linda

Lentils with coriander

Fried veal with raisins

Nut tart – Natascha

Roman cheesecake

Roman coffee Cake

Baked dormice

Isicia Omentata (Hamburgers)-Natascha

Herb Purée with Pine Kernels and Lagana, or Fried Pasta






If you are interested, let me know and I will put your name beside the recipe! If you spot any other recipes that are not on the list, we can add it, no problem.

The rules:
1. I will open the link for the recipes on April 23rd. (That is a big day here in Spain. It is Book Day in Spain and marks the death of Shakespeare and Cervantes, the author of Don Quixote. It will be open for a week.
2. Share your experience.
3. Have fun!

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16 thoughts on “The Roman Recipe Challenge

  1. Hehe! I was planning to take that😂😂😂😂…I think I’ll go with the stuffed dates! I am a dates fan!

  2. This sounds so interesting, not sure if I can take part Natascha 🙂 I will come to take a look at the recipes again 🙂

  3. I am fascinated by past culinary practices! This sounds like a fun challenge! We are leaving on holiday soon, so I can’t make a punctual commitment, but I’ll do this for fun when we return!

    1. That sounds great! I am leaving on holiday too. I won’t be cooking either and I really want to take my time learning more about the recipes. If you make something by the end of April, let me know and I will share it!!! Xxx

  4. Hi Natasha! Are the eggs & pine nut sauce still available? I could give that a go…
    Fabulous Fare Sisters

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