The Pancake Party Results


Hello everyone! How are you? I hope you are enjoying your weekend. I am finally able to post these results and I am so happy to have the time do it!

First, I should begin by saying thank you to all those of you who participated. Reading your posts and ogling the beautiful photos was a pleasure!  Thank you all for taking the time to make your pancakes and for joining me!

I should also thank my friend Lina who is an inspiring blogger to say the least! Than k you for helping me and yes, for inspiring me.

In random order, I will list the winners.


Freda, I was stunned by your photos. I am not a chocolate person but I think I would become one if I had one of these haha!They are beautiful. I have never seen a pancake filled in thbis fashion and it is truluy impressive. As usual, my friend, you have outdone yourself. The recipe for athe Southeast Asian Pancake Apam Balik can be found in the link!

greek pancakes

This recipe  for Greek Taganites is from my friend Antonia. Antonia, I was so interested in the fact that this was a recipe that you had discovered about your heritage. I loved that you spoke to your mom and she told you about her memories of these. I am not Greek but I have good memories of Greek food.  A long time ago, I lived near a Greek Orthodox church and they had a festival every year. We used to love to feast on loukoumades, baklava or stuffed grape leaves. I have such fond memories of those days! This post reminded me of the positive effect of blogging. I posted this challenge because of my curiousity about the origin of making pancakes on Pancake Tuesday. This triggered a response in Antonia who later learned something new about her Greek heritage. Love it.


This recipe is from my friend CH and it is for a Venezuelan Cachapa. Not sweet, but rather it is savoury! I love savoury pancakes and this one is made with corn! CH, this is lvely and your photos are just beautiful! This post was featured on Fiesta Friday and it is not a surprise to see why!

Congratulations to these winners!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

xxxx Natascha


23 thoughts on “The Pancake Party Results

  1. Thank you so much Natascha and Lina 😊😊 Surprise after surprise and I’m on cloud nine! I had a lot of fun trying these pancakes for the first time and I can say that these would be a regular in our house – all thanks to your pancake challenge 🙂 Big congrats to Freda and Antonia – both the recipes sound super delicious 😊

    1. Once again, it is interesting how blogging can have its effect! you deserve the recognition and I am so happy to have met you through our mutual interest. Have a fantastic weekend, my friend! xxxx

  2. What a cool post! I have had a hard time lately keeping up with reading all my favourite bloggers and I’ve missed a few great ones I’m sure! Anyhow, reading your post and knowing you are from Canada, I’m pretty sure I know which Greek festival you are referring too!!! Great read Natascha!

  3. Congratulations to all of the winners! Thank you Lina and Natascha…I feel honored! I really enjoyed the challenge and thank you for introducing me to these pancakes. My husband thanks you too…lol! I appreciate the kind words Natascha! It is wonderful that you have such fond memories of Greek food from your local Greek festival. I grew up in a small town, and our annual festival was my only opportunity to eat Greek food my mom wouldn’t make, like loukoumades. So, I would pig out every year. These pancakes have given me a way to eat something similar to loukoumades., without deep frying. Thank you again for hosting this challenge!

      1. It’s a hard job being! Very true! I hope you get a chance to try them 😀 I enjoyed learning about all the pancakes posted, and have a bunch on my list to make 😉

  4. I completely missed this post! Congratulations to the winners–the pancakes all sound so amazing! I love Antonia’s story about the tiganites, Freda has simply outdone herself with the beautiful photography, and CH’s corn pancakes are really to die for 🙂 Natascha, thanks to you and Lina for your hosting of another challenge full of discoveries!

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