Chinese Scallion Pancakes and the Pancake Challenge



Hello everyone!

I can´t wait to see everyone´s pancakes! Sweet or savoury, I know they will be beautiful! I chose to make Chinese scallion pancakes and they were wonderful. The recipe is quite simple and what really makes these little guys so delicious is the dipping sauce. Otherwise, they are rather bland. But the blandness is perfect because you taste the gorgeous dipping sauce better.



If you are interested in this recipe, here is the link below!

Chinese Scallion Pancakes

I had planned on making another recipe but I was just too busy!

I would like to thank Lin over at Lin´s Recipes for helping me out with this Pancake Party and for her patience in helping me discover the world of linking. I am sure I have told you this before in, but you rock.

Here is a list of the recipes and the participants. If I am forgetting anyone, I am truly sorry! Just tell me and I will add you in!And if you have a pancake recipe but only just found out about this, feel free to join us! Just add the link to your recipe. Lin and I will choose a winner! And I think I will make the winner´s recipe and post it with the link on my blog.  The link will be open from March 1st until the 8th.



Greece: TiganitesAntonia

India: Uttapam Of Goats and Greens

Korea: Kimchijeon or Kimchi PancakesTen.times.tea

Malaysia: Apam Balik Aromatic Essence

Netherlands: Pannenkoeken or Dutch Baby My Culinary Saga

Dried Cranberry and Chocolate Pancakes Lin’s Recipes

Pancake Masala Dosa Satabdi

Banana Coconut Pancake Satabdi

Chocolate Pancake Satabdi 

Mini Nutella Pancakes AnitaCuisine 

Denmark Aebelskiver Lin´s Recipes 

Sweden: Raggmunk Lin´s Recipes

Eastern Europe: Blini or Blintz  Gloria
Netherlands: Pannenkoeken or Dutch Baby My Culinary Saga 


Pancake Masala Dosa Satabdi

Banana Coconut Pancake Satabdi

Chocolate Pancake Satabdi 

Mini Nutella Pancakes AnitaCuisine 

Australia: Pikelets AnitaCuisine

Venezuela and Colombia: Cachapas CHCooks

Here are some other recipes in case you are interested

US & Canada: Buttermilk Pancakes

Austria: Kaiserschmarrn

England: Pancakes with Sugar and Lemon

Finland: Pannukakku

France: Crêpes

Hungary: Palacsinta

Iceland: Pönnukakku

Japan: Okonomiyaki

Russian: Olady

Scotland: Scotch or Scottish Pancakes

Somalia: Anjero

South Africa: Pannekoeke

Poland: Naleśniki

Mexico: Hotcakes


Looking forward to seeing your recipes!


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xxxxx Natascha




83 thoughts on “Chinese Scallion Pancakes and the Pancake Challenge

  1. Looks great Natascha ! I still have 5 more days , I wanted to make them today and my son fell sick , plus hubby is traveling , so I really couldn’t manage with the food and shooting it , I hope I can submit mine 😦

    1. Hi! Oh please don´t be soryy! I DO understand. It is not easy to make time for everything. Thank YOU for always taking the time write a kind comment and for encouraging me. Sending a big kiss from Madrid! xx

  2. Hi – I am your latest follower 🙂 – german born, now living in South India and with the rest of my family madly in love with Madrid!! Love Flaubert – our Teddy’s should get together for a “Teddybear’s picnic” 🙂

    1. Hi! Nice to meet you! Thank you so much for the follow! Whoa! So you must have some interesting experiences as a person having to adjust to a completely different culture! Madrid is lovely, it is true. Haha….You have teddies too? I have some from Germany and I just love them! Thank you again and sending a big hug and kiss from Madrid xxxxx

      1. Oh cool!! Yes there were some remaining! I will edit the list of pancakes and add the ones that nobody chose! Then you will be able to post the extra recipes. Thanks a lot!!!

  3. Hi Natacha, I want to try also the Australia: Pikelets 🙂 ! I love making pancakes, this challenge is fun ! It’s ok if I will post my recipe with the link to the challenge ? Or how should I do it ?

    1. GREAT! When you post it, just link the post with mine by clicking on the blue icon in my pancake post. Looking forward to seeing yours!! If you have any trouble, I can link it for you!

  4. I love scallion pancakes! They’re so greasy and crispy. Yours look fabulous, and nicely flecked with scallion. The sauce sounds really delicious as well–I’ve never tried it with sauce before. Now I’d like to make some too!!
    Thanks to you and Lina for hosting this pancake challenge. Looking forwards to what everyone brings 🙂

  5. All these pancakes look so wonderful!

    Unfortunately I think I worked something like 60 hours this week, and I think this link party is only open through tonight — Could I have an extension through Saturday? I’d actually try to squeeze them in tonight, but they require sitting overnight before I go any further with them — I am making Indian uttapam.

  6. These are so interesting! I love the idea of dipping pancakes! Great job Natascha and thank you again for coming up with this idea and hosting!

      1. Hi! I have extended the linking time and tried to put your links. But in order to do that, I need to know your email. You can add your links yourself now! The link is working again!

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