The Pancake Challenge


Hello everyone!

I hope all of you are doing well! I am posting this challenge again in case any of you missed it the first time!  When considering what to make on Pancake Tuesday, I was really surprised by how many different types of pancakes there really were! this is when I thought of this challenge!


Yes…the above occured to me this week.


Interested?  I hope so! Here are the rules to participate:

  1. Yes, you can make more than one recipe. (I am planning to!)
  2. There will be a link available from the 1st of March until the 4th of March for you to link your posts.
  3. The list below is a list of suggestions for you to choose from in case you aren´t sure what to do. You can research the recipes, as I plan to do! However if you have a recipe that you would like to enter that has nothing to do with this list, no problem. Just let me know!
  4. My friend Lina and I will choose a winner. I am participating in the challenge but I have no intention of being eligible to win. I think it will be fun to look at what others have done!


US & Canada: Buttermilk Pancakes

Austria: Kaiserschmarrn

Australia: Pikelets 

China: cong you bing or Scallion PancakesMe!

Eastern Europe: Blini or Blintz

England: Pancakes with Sugar and Lemon

Finland: Pannukakku

France: Crêpes

⭐ Greece: TiganitesAntonia

Hungary: Palacsinta

Iceland: Pönnukaka

India: Uttapam Of Goats and Greens

Japan: Okonomiyaki

Korea: Kimchijeon or Kimchi PancakesTen.times.tea

Malaysia: Apam Balik Aromatic Essence

Mexico: Hotcakes

Netherlands: Pannenkoeken or Dutch Baby My Culinary Saga

Russian: Olady

Scotland: Scotch or Scottish Pancakes

Somalia: Anjero

South Africa: Pannekoeke

Sweden: Raggmunk

Poland: Naleśniki

Venezuela and Colombia: Cachapas

Dried Cranberry and Chocolate Pancakes Lin’s Recipes

Pancake Masala Dosa Satabdi

Banana Coconut Pancake Satabdi

Chocolate Pancake Satabdi 

Mini Nutella Pancakes AnitaCuisine

Source Buzzfeed (The actual recipes are included in the list in case you are interested!)
If there us a ⭐ beside the recipe, it means that another lovely blogging friend of ours has chosen it for the challenge.

Have a great week everyone and looking forward to hearing from you!

xxxx Natascha

48 thoughts on “The Pancake Challenge

  1. OK, so I already made some pancakes last week that I presented on pancake day…..would I be eligible? Or do I need to make one especially for this challenge? 🙂

  2. hey!!! i have some nice recipe for pancake. can you explain me the process to share the recipe. However I have already posted it long back on my blog

    1. Great!! I will post the link at the beginning of March. I can send you a message to let you know. Then you add the link to your post to mine! If you already posted it, don’t worry! No problem!😙😙😙👍👍👍👍

  3. I saw this a few days ago Natascha, but looking at all the great suggestions, I couldn’t decide! Now that I’ve given it some thought, I’d like to try a savoury pancake, so I’m thinking kimchijeon 🙂 Love these challenges!

  4. I am so sorry, but I have a doubt! I just checked for some pancake recipes and I found this recipe for aebelskiver from Denmark and I have the pan for it luckily! Can u check it out! Is it OK if I made those instead of the cranberry ones!!!!

      1. Awesome…I’m really very excited about it!!!!! I’ll post it on Saturday!! Yeah!! Can’t wait to see what recipes everyone is bringing n !!

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