Baba Ghanoush and homemade crackers


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Hi everyone!

We made it! It is Friday! Here are the links to two fantastic and easy recipes that are great for any Friday night or weekend treat! The first is Baba Ghanoush, which is a lovely eggplant spread or dip. I made it a few weekends ago and I was asked to make it again soon! If you are interested, do check out the great link below!

Caroline’s Kitchen

The next recipe is for homemade crackers, which go remarkably well with the Baba Ghanoush. I substituted cumin for the sesame seeds and the flsvour was subtle and delicious. I made various sizes and used a pizza cutter to cut the pieces. Easy peasy and super yummy! Check out the link below! ( This recipe was also shared on Fiesta Friday)


The Fairy Kitchen

Enjoy and thank you to the lovely ladies who shared these recipes!
Xxxxx Natascha

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