Pear pâte de fruit

This recipe is just so easy and lovely! I made this as a Christmas present for my husband who fell in love with them after visiting a confectionary in  Paris. It was not just any confectionary. It is the oldest confectionary in France that was established in 1761. It is one of those places that you step into and can´t help but want just about everything simply because of its beautiful presentation and the feeling of stepping back in time. Here are some photos I took of the place when I was there last year!

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Even  the floor was impressive.


20150817_145509 (2) My husband and I were so happy!

Well, I I bought some pate de fruit and we loved them! I son discovered that the owners of the confectionary wrote their book of recipes for all their treats in the shop! Needless to say, I had to have it! It is worth a visit to the shop but if you can´t, don´t worry. Make  your own goodies and feel proud  that you did it yourself!



And so I bought it. Now, this recipe is EASY to do and there was not one person who tried these who did not go bananas. I should tell you that this recipe should be cut in half unless you are making them for a lot of people. It is made with fresh pears and it is wonderful! My husband was so happy and it brought back great memories.

Pear pâte de fruits


MAKEs 50 pieces

PREP30 mins




500g pear pulp
12g yellow pectin (I ordered this online.  too expensive and a Little goes a long way)
600g sugar
100g honey
80g lemon juice
sugar, for coating


sugar thermometer
  1. Line a baking tin or similar container with baking paper, or arrange 1 cm thick rulers in a rectangle on a silicone mat. A silicone mat, unlike an acetate sheet, is heat-resistant. Sugar cooked to 160°C is poured onto this mat, which makes it easy to unstick once cool.


  1. Put the pear pulp in a saucepan and heat until the mixture reaches 50°C on a sugar thermometer. Put the pectin and 50 g of the sugar in a separate pan. Add the pear pulp to the pectin mixture and bring to the boil for 1 minute. Add the remaining sugar, bring back to the boil, then incorporate the honey and cook until the mixture reaches 107°C. Add the lemon juice to halt the cooking process. Immediately pour the mixture into the tin or between the rulers and leave overnight at room temperature.

Cutting and coating

Turn out the pâte de fruits or remove the rulers, and sprinkle a little sugar on both sides. Cut the pâte into 3 cm squares and finish by rolling in the sugar. Store the pâte de fruits in an airtight container.


I hope you enjoy this too.

xxxx Natascha



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    1. Thank you! Paris is lovely, no doubt. This pâte is just lovely too. The pears are wonderful! The cookbook is really good too and tells the history of the confectionary with great photos.

      1. Thanks so much! Some people can’t have enough shoes..for me it is that I can’t get enough good cookbooks. There is just always something new to learn!😃😃😃

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