Candied Mint Leaves


Hello everyone! Do you ever have a surplus of mint in your garden or in your fridge that you are not sure how to use up? Well, here is a recipe that can help. Candied mint leaves are lovely by themselves or they can be added to tea to give it a sweeter and mintier flavour. I just love them! I found this recipe on Wikihow and I am so happy that I did! Here it is in case you are interested. 😊

From Wikihow

Candied mint leaves are an old-fashioned treat to be served at afternoon tea or as a snack. The original recipe suggests serving the candied mint leaves in tea with sliced lemon and a cube of sugar. They can also serve as excellent garnishes on cakes, etc.


Fresh mint leaves

Egg white, slightly beaten

3 tbsp granulated sugar

1 drop spearmint or vanilla extract/essence (food-grade) [I used vanilla]


Prepare the mint leaves.Β Remove the mint leaves from the stems and rub each leaf gently with a finger that has been dipped in the egg white mixture. Lay on a flat, clean working surface.


Mix the drop of spearmint extract [or vanilla] into the granulated sugar.


Sift the sugar and mint extract mixture over the mint leaves.


Lay the mint leaves close together on a cake rack covered with wax paper.



Leave in a warm but not hot place to dry.Β When crisp, the candied mint leaves are ready to consume.


Enjoy! Xxxxx Natascha

I have also discovered that these are great with hot chocolate too!

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    1. Thanks a lot! I made about half a cup to see if I would like them and we ate a lot in no time. I still have some in an airtight container and they are still good. They have been in the container for at least a month!

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