German Lebkuchen Cookie

This is another great recipe that I am working on this week! xxxxx Natascha

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One month ago today was Christmas Day and it just so happens that we have just polished off the last of the Christmas cookies this morning. The preparation for Christmas is so much fun. Now I am looking back only four weeks later and wondering where the time went. I won’t be making these little guys again until next December but in honot of a lovely holiday, I will share it is similar to gingerbread, but better. I remember my Spanish husband initially having doubts about this recipe because he is not used to the flavours. Ginger. Cardamom. Cloves. Cinnamon. Not typically found in the Spanish kitchen. But I decided to make them anyway. And to my delight…he loved them! I found this recipe years ago.

For 2-3 baking sheets:

250g honey
250g brown sugar
100g butter
400g flour
100g ground almonds
1 teaspoon lebkuchen spices
to make your own…

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