Blogging 201 Setting some challenges for myself!


Hi everyone!

I hope everyone had a good weekend! They always go by so quickly, don´t they? Well, I was greeted this morning by an email welcoming me to Blogging 201. I was a bit hesitant at first, although I had willingly enrolled. I wondered if I would have the time or perhaps other bloggers would think my posts and thoughts were a bit mediocre. In the end though, I figured I should go ahead with it. Why? Because since I have begun blogging in January, I have ¨met¨some lovely people with similar interests who are kind and supportive. It is an unexpected surprise about the blogging world. I also think it is a great way to support others, learn new things and get away from the daily routine. So, on these positive notes, this was the challenge of the first day:

Day One: Set Three Goals

Today’s assignment: consider what you want to accomplish with your blog. Write down three concrete goals. 

I have been thinking about them and here they are:

  1. My friend Sadie over at Sadie´s Nest introduced me to a WordPress Cooking Challenge which was introduced by a lovely blogger over  at Healthy in all Hues . It consists in choosing between 5 and 7 recipes from your favourite bloggers and preparing them. Want to know more about the challenge? Check it out here WordPress Cooking Challenge . Sadie was kind enough to choose one of my recipes and I want to do the same thing. It is a great way to encourage others to read blogs and ¨meet¨new people.
  2. There is a very interesting blog called Snapshotsincursive that I enjoy reading. She has and interesting feature called,¨Eating my way through the Alphabet¨. I am thinking of having the same feature, but since I live in Spain, I am going to prepare dishes that include food that that follow the order of the alphabet but the words will be in Spanish. The recipe will be in English of course, but I will begin my first  dish with an ingredient known in Spanish as alcachofa. That is an artichoke! For the letter B, I will maybe include a dish that includes batatas. Those are sweet potatoes. I will learn more words and have fun doing it too!
  3. I will continue to check out other blogs, especially the ones that are participating in this challenge.

These are my challenges. I am looking forward to participating in this course and looking forward to meeting new people! If anyone has any tips or advice, I am welcome to hearing it!



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  1. This sounds fun. Good luck. Since last week after posting stroganoff recipe I am thinking about doing “around the world in 80 posts”as I love to try different cuisines. Thoughts?

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