A Beautiful Blogger Award nomination


Wow! What a nice surprise to get this nomination! I have to thank my friend Stephy over at Stephysweetbakes for this. Her blog is lovely and it perfectly matches the kind of person she is. If you have not checked out her blog, please do so! :);)🌹❤


Link the blogger who nominated you.

List seven random things about yourself.

Nominate seven creative, beautiful bloggers.

Notify the people that you nominate.

Ok..seven things about me.

1. I hate clutter but have a tendency to clutter. Yep. I drive myself nuts sometimes.


2. I hate “reality” shows. Truly don’t get the Kardashian thing or rich housewife thing.


3. I love the Smurfs! (The animated one from the 80’s not the creepy computer generated ones)


4. I love Playmobil toys! Yes, these are photos of my toys!  They are Christmas presents from my mom.



5. I love lemurs. They just make me laugh. They are one of my favourite animals to see at the zoo! I took these photos at the Madrid zoo.



The tail high up in the air. So proud! 😂

6.  I love cats. I used to have a cat before I got married.  I had to give him to a pet adoption agency because my husband has a serious allergy to cats. That was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. That cat was a funny and loveable companion. I hope that he was adopted by someone and that that someone experiences all the sniles an laughs he gave me.


7.  I like champagne!


And now for my nominations. Please remember that nobody is obligated to participate. It is just for fun and I am by no means offended if you don’t want to take part. 👍

What’s Bec Cooking
Lynz Real Cooking
Sarah Moore
Tuck in
Cooking Without Limits

Xxxx Natascha

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18 thoughts on “A Beautiful Blogger Award nomination

    1. Hahaha! That is why I love lemurs! I love my nativity! You can put a battery to make it look like the fire is really lit and flickering! There are 3 kings that you can buy to complete the set! ❤👍

  1. Thanks so much for the nomination, Natascha. It’s always interesting to read more about bloggers.
    That is so sad that you had to give up you cat. I hope he found a forever home.
    The lemur photo is so funny, and I love the Einstein quote, too. I’m right there with you–you should see my kitchen table right now. Haha.
    I also hate reality shows. I never watch them.

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