Orange, carrot and mint salad


Healthy and yummy! Serve it well chilled. πŸ™‚


1 pound grated carrots
1/4 cup chopped fresh mint
2 teaspoons orange zest
1 cup freshly squeezed orange juice
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 teaspoons honey
1/4 teaspoon salt
Freshly ground black pepper, to taste


Mic all of the ingredients in a large bowl and toss well. Taste and adjust seasoning with salt, pepper, honey and fresh lemon. Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.

Enjoy! Xxxx Natascha

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6 thoughts on “Orange, carrot and mint salad

  1. your recipes are turning me into a summertime kitchen rock star! πŸ˜€ first that amazing cantaloupe gazpacho (have made it twice now to rave reviews from the husband) and now this orange-carrot-mint salad. we tried it last night….so yummy, easy to make, and perfect on a hot day! the husband asked me if there was leftovers so we could have it again tonight! thank you so much for sharing these wonderful recipes!!!

    1. Wow!! Well thank YOU Miss Summertime Kitchen Rock Star!!! So happy you enjoyed them too and really, you made my day with this lovely, unexpected message! I make these things for my hubby too and he goes bananas as well. Guess we both have some super smarty hubbies with good taste in food AND in women hahahaha!

      1. πŸ˜€ love that! we do have super smart hubbies with good taste! for both those reasons – probably others too – but those are the 2 best reasons!!! πŸ˜€

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