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What a surprise last Saturday when I was nominated not once, not twice , but three times for the Versatile Blogger Award. Blogging is something that I do for fun and really, being nominated or noticed by someone who has the same or similar interests as you has to be one of the nicest things about blogging!  I will begin this post by officially thanking those who have nominated me!

Lin´s Recipes



Thanks a million ladies!  You made my day!

I was looking over the rules of the blog award snd here they are:

The Versatile Blogger Award rules!

1.  Thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy.

2.  Include a link to their blog. That’s also common courtesy — if you can figure out how to do it.

3.  Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.

4.  Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award — you might include a link back to  the post on your site announcing their nomination.

5.  Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

In reading these rules, I thought, ¨Oh good grief, should I really think of 21 things to say about myself and nominate 45 bloggers?¨  At first, I thought, no but then I figured that it is not hard to find at least 45 bloggers that deserve recognition! Well, it was a labour, but I found them. I tried to find blogs that had weren´t nominated before and though it was not easy, it was interesting! So, without further ado, I will say the 21 things about myself and then begin my nominations, ok?  Ok!


1.  One of my most prized posessions is my fountain pen.  When I was about 12 my father gave me one.  A good one.  I had it for years, but I lost it during a move a few years ago.  I was so sad.  I told my father about it and for Christmas he bought me a new one, this time with my name engraved on it.


2. I love my parents very much.  They are here with my husband.  They taught me a lot and they didn´t put up with any crap when I was growing up.  This taught me responsibilty for my actions and I am so grateful for all they do.


3. I like Swiss Army knives. My husband got me one for my birthday and how great is it to have a wine bottle opener at the ready?  I use it often to pick flowers, fresh spices, file a nail..The Swiss are brilliant.


4.  I love Miss Piggy.  No explanations necessary.  She is hilarious.


5. I love Disney and DreamWorks movies.


6. I love Jane Austen books and yes..the movies too.  I recently learned that Jane Austen will be on the 10 pound English notes starting in 2017.


7. Christmas is probably my favourite time of the year.  I love the decorating, the cooking, the music..the holidays!  (I am a teacher, I get two weeks off which is nothing short of glorious!)


8. I have a cookbook collection which I must say, I take a lot of pride in.  One of life´s little pleasures is sitting back with a cup of tea and perusing a recipe or two! I love recipes online, but I prefer printed pages.


9.  What would I do if I was not a teacher?  I was thinking about this recently and I think I would be baker. I love making bread and I am kind of fascinated by how yeast can work its magic.  I would have my own bakery and I think it would be interesting. Hard work, but interesting. But teaching does not mean you are a stranger to hard work so I would get used to the change pretty quickly I think!


10. Oscar Wilde is another favourite author. When I lived in Dublin, I went to the theatre to see, ¨The Importance of Being Earnest¨ and  it was wonderWhen my father came to visit me while I was living there, I took him to see ¨Lady Windermere´s Fan¨. Another brilliant work. My father was pretty proud that he was my ¨date¨for the evening! 🙂


11. The bear in my profile photo is my little friend in my kitchen.  His name is Flaubert and I think he is just too cute!


12.  I have absolutely no sense of direction whatsoever. It is pathetic. I think this is how I look when people ask me how to get somewhere, even if I have been there several times before. Often I go in the oppostite direction and my husband says, ¨Natascha, it is this way..not that way¨.  I end up saying something like…¨Of course….I knew that. I was just making sure you knew that…¨ Hahaha!


13. I have to thank Albert for making me feel better about my order in my disorder.



14. I have a pet bird, whose name is Lucky. My husband brought this Llttle guy home after he had fallen out of his nest. Now he follows my husband around because he thinks he is his mother. There is nothing he likes better tan singing on my husband´s shoulsder or having a little nap on his hand.


15. Two things drive me absolutely insane. Being late and waiting until the last minute to get things done. And here I am in Spain where the concept of time is, ¨When God made time, he made a lot of it.¨ Arrgghhhhhh!!!


16. One of my favourite films is Roman Holiday.  I mean seriously, what is not to love about Audrey Hepburn?  And it has Gregory Peck.  Has to be one of the best looking actors in film history.  The Brad Pitts and Leonardo Dicaprios are pretty boring in comparison.


17. Every morning my husband makes me a coffee. It is a small gesture but really, I feel like a queen when he serves it to me with a smile even when I am grumpy.


18. Agatha Christie was a genius. I love her books and yes, I am a big fan of the film adaptations too.


19. I have a collection of toys and yes, I love them!  This is is in our living room and every time I see it, I smile!  The Superman is from our honeymoon in New York. I bought it for my husband.  The moose is a recent present from my mother.  She bought it in an after Christmas sale. She worried I would not like it but how cute is it? Her name is Marilyn, after my mom.  They are having tea together and are quite happy. Yes, ok, I know it is weird, but life is not easy..a  smile and a laugh brighten your day.

20. My full name is Natascha Frances Dolores Beutner.  Yes, I have a Spanish name even though nobody in my family was Spanish.  It certainly confuses people here in Spain.  How can a Canadian have only one surname and three names one of which is Spanish?


21. Thanks to all those who follow me and to those who nominated me.  I am really grateful and I send you all a big hug and kiss from Madrid.

Ok….now for the nominations in random order!  (All 45 of you!)

1. Christina with Caramel  Her motto is, ¨Celebrate Your Sweet Side¨  No problem. I can do that.

2. Ninny´s Pinny  Can you please check out her chocolate slabs?

3. Homegrown-homemade   A lovely couple from Norway with GORGEOUS recipes.

4. Marthabernie homethoughtsfromabroad626  Beautiful images of Ireland and recipes to boot.

5. Lipstick on my Wine Glass  Clever name, great recipes

6. The Migrant Chef recipes and what a nice guy! Check out his Chow Down Chowder which not only looks divine, but he even offers a follower advice on how to prepare the scallops..without even the follower asking. Nice.

7. Sprinkles and Sugarplums   Check out her Earl Grey cupcakes and strawberry chocolate cake. Read her About page.  It is worth it.

8. International Bellhop  Recipes…travel…Love it…

9. Vannillarock She recently completed a blogging challenge from A to Z which I have to say was a job well done!

10.  Brilliant photos, essays..I love it.

11. apostrophestoddard  A Canadian´s culinary adventures in Bangkok.

12. Dreamernextdoor, photos and I learned what a date ma´moul is..which looks gorgeous.

13. Molly´s Morsels Great baking and have a look at that profile photo and tell me she is not adorable!

14. Surprising recipes Inspiring!  Love the unusual combinations of ingredients!!

15. The Lemon Press  Endless source of recipes!

16. The Basil Kitchen  I love those recipes.

17. The Baked Apple  A great blogger from Norway with gorgeous healthy recipes!

18.  Oh wow…please have a look at the Fantasy Cake!!!

19. Lindaravello  A blogger from Liverpool living in Paris,sharing her recipes!

20. KitchenSpells   Beautiful recipes and photos including lemon and thyme shortbread and Seville orange curd…Wow!

21. Lovinghomemade  Being a coffee lover..I gawked at the cappuccino cake. And her Olaf cake…

22. Travelling, cooking…these ladies rock.

23 Interesting recipes and great writing!

24. Absolutely Muffin Two ladies who met in university who share an interest in baking..Love it.

25. Peeled.  A teacher with a keen interest in eating healthily but sensibly.

26. The Finnish Dish Please look at her potos and recipes..I can´t resist!

27. Purplenais  A French girl´s musings which can prove to be quite interesting!

28. Little Parcels of Joy    This blogger quotes Audrey Hepburn and has fab recipes.  Can´t beat that.

29. Gingerbread Jenn Beautiful récipes including espresso bars!!  Her motto is: Bake. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.  🙂

31. Cook up a Story  Always worth a peek at these recipes!!!

32. Ice Cream Magazine  Oh so hard to resist these goodies!

33. How to be the hero of your own kitchen Great name..great recipes

34. French Gardener Dishes I know I am repeating myself but this blog is brilliant.

35. My Rumbling Tum  I just love this.

36. Emerging adult Eats  BEAUTIFUL potos and recipes. Pear and prosciutto pasta anyone?

37, The Dough House  Lovely!!!!!

38. Proudly Petite

39. Mercedes Mosaics  I love mosaics and her talent is really brilliant.

40.Lilian´s Cupboard

41. From Scratch  She does recipes fromn Dorie Greenspan, with French Fridays with Dorie.  Great cookbook, great blog.

42. The Baking Journal  Great stuff here!

43. 1001 Scribbles Brilliant photos.

44. Appetite Deluxe! Beautiful photos and great recipes! I love checking them!

45. The Ballistic Baker I love the name of the blog and its recipes!

And there you have it. Now comes the task of contacting my nominees and making sure the links are correct.

To all the nominees: You don’t have to respond to this or do anything. Participating is optional! :):):)

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

Xxxx Natascha

30 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Whew!! Good job and I got some chuckles while reading your answers!! Lol!! I received a second Liebster nomination yesterday,,, so I’m fixing to get busy with that, as well as packing my house to move!!😘😘

      1. This is 16 years of stuff I’ve been dragging around since my husband died in 1999,,,this is serious “get rid and de clutter” my life, it’s sad somewhat, yet freeing,,, I miss him so much still,,,

      2. I am sorry. It is an easier thing to say than to do. But like you say..a bit of a weight it taken off by taking steps like that. Those steps are brave. You rock, Darie! Xxxxx

      3. ☺️😋☺️thanks dear, tell your hubby not to step on that baby bird!! Ha, I love it! Him making you coffee in the morning??? Cherish it,,,💗

      4. I will. Thanks for reminding me to think twice before being grumpy when someone is doing something so kind for me. As for the bird..well they are two peas in a pod hahahaha!

  2. I enjoyed reading about you! I also have no sense of direction, and I agree Roman Holiday is a wonderful movie. And who doesn’t love Miss Piggy ? (Although I have to confess, Kermit is my favorite). 🙂

  3. Congratulations and I liked learning a little more about you! We have so much in common. I can wait to check out the blogs you listed, I see a few in particular that I have to visit.

  4. Congratulations Natascha on your awards!! Well-deserved and I enjoyed reading about you.. I also found similarities, such as liking the swiss army knife for the wine, Agathy Christie, Jane Austen and cookbooks of course! 🙂 Will follow some of your links for baking blogs when I get more time… they look interesting. By the way, have you been over to Viaja2? Mariangeles wrote about León come gamba at If you’re interested… Have a great weekend and see you at FF! 🙂 x

    1. I just checked Viaja2 and it is great! I had no idea about the leon come gamba. It looks really nice…but definitely served with the potato boiled haha!

      1. Yeah, a raw potato is never good! 🙂 The fascinating thing is that the incident has gone viral and become pretty famous so it’s part of food culture now!

  5. Firstly congratulations on your nominations! and thank you so much for the nomination it really means a lot & very kind of you:-) Also it’s very sweet of you commenting on each blog you nominated.Thank you again & have a fabulous weekend in Madrid (jealous you live near The Prado Museum!!) xx

    1. Thank you! Your blog is beautiful and I love your goodies! I have not been to the Prado yet! Is that pathetic or what?! I have to get my butt over there!Thanks again 😙😙😙😙🌸🌸🌸🌸

      1. LOL! you definitely should visit now you have said it 🙂 I visited Madrid especially to go to a Francis Bacon exhibition a few years ago in The Prado. One of my favourite holidays ever! Love to go back someday:-) x

      2. Definitely have to make a plan to go! Thanks a million for reminding me..Keep saying I will go but I think I figure since it always there, I always have time! I will go and think of you. Maybe I will make the fantasy cake to celebrate it! Now tgere is a great idea!!!!!😊

  6. Thank you for nominating me, but I don’t participate in awards. Also, thank you for introducing me to your blog which I am now following.

  7. Hi there (again). I have to thank you again for nominating me, it was really sweet of you. I must now admit that I only just now found this post because I am totally useless. I usually read your posts through the reader since you’ve moved. Every time I clicked on your name (which I did when you left a comment to say I had been nominated and “it was all in your last post”) it took me to your now empty site and because I can be rather dense, I didn’t see a way to get to the new one. I’ve worked it out now (duh!) – so this is the reason I’m late in looking at this post and thanking you properly. Sorry! *shameful face* 🙂

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