Honey Lavender Chicken


I have been intrigued by several recipes lately that use lavender. It is one of my favourite flowers, scents and colours but I was hesitant. Can you really cook with it too? Well, this week I tried it and the answer to that question is unequivocally, “YES!” I loved this recipe. I used the leftover cooking juices to roast some carrots!


I made a small change from the original recipe. I have learned the value of giving a chicken a massage. It sounds ridiculous but hey, Julia Child was a fan.


Ok…I don’t especially enjoy it but I know that the flavours I put in are really being distributed and it makes a huge difference. This particular recipe does not involve butter but it doesn’t matter. I still get a sensational result.

Adapted from Food.com

PREP 30 mins

COOK 1 hr

This marinade is great for roasted chicken, duck, hens, or any poultry. The sweetness of the honey and balsamic vinegar bring out the aroma of the lavender, and create a  lovely brown glaze on the bird. You may also use this as a glaze for grilling chicken pieces, but be sure to baste it near the end of the cooking time to ensure that the glaze doesn’t burn.

1 tablespoon thyme
1 tablespoon rosemary
1teaspoon lavender (I used dried)
1⁄2cup honey
1 1⁄2teaspoons marjoram
1 garlic clove, minced
1shallot, minced
1⁄4cup aged balsamic vinegar
1 whole roasting chicken (chicken pieces, or smaller poultry such as a poussin, quail or cornish hen)

Mix all ingredients in a  bowl and combine thoroughly.
Gently, with your fingers, lift the skin of the chicken without breaking it. Push gently until you can more or less fit all four fingers. Now take your lavender mixture and rub under the skin. Coat generously. Put the skin back and coat the entire chicken with the mixture. Your chicken will appear browner because of the balsamic but don’t worry. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Preheat the oven to 350°F
Roast the chicken for 30 minutes (reduce time for a smaller birds.) It is done when a thermometer inserted into the thickest part of the thigh registers 165°F. Once you see the chicke has browned nicely cover it with foil or the roasting pan cover. When it is done, brush it once more with the cooking juices.

Enjoy! Xxxx Natascha

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    1. Hi! The taste, when, cooked is actually hard to identify! It is a rich, lovely taste and brings out the flavour of the chicken! I love the flowers too! Thanks a lot for stopping by! Checking out your blog now xxxxxxx

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