A Lovely Surprise!



I was in Andalucia this week visiting my parents when I received a message informing me that Lili from Lili´s Cakes had nominates me for the Lovely Blogger´s Award.  I couldn´t believe it!  She has been so kind to think of me and I thank her so much! She nominated me with her Babka cake post which is beautiful. You can find it here Blog award fest with a Chocolate and cinammon Babka reward! 🙂  I have a special fondness for her blog not only because of her recipes, photos and fabulous illustrations, but she also lives in Spain and is an English teacher too.

Part of this award involves sharing 7 things about ourselves. So, here it goes!



I am a primary school teacher and yes, I love it.  I got my degree at Florida Atlantic University 15 years ago.  The degree and a desire to continue learning has taken me to many different places and I am so grateful. I taught English for 5 years in Malaga, Spain and now that I have my degree recognised in this country, I am teaching science to first graders in a primary school here in Madrid.



I don´t have any special attachment to a place that I call ¨home¨.  I love every place that I have lived including Canada, Florida, California, Ireland and Spain.  Every place is special and the memories I have are wonderful.  My father always told me that home is where you make it.  I know this does not hold true for everyone, but it certainly has for me.



So, I suppose a question could be…¨Why are you in Madrid?¨ Well, I got married!  I met my husband while I was living in Malaga and he was living in Madrid.  He is really my Mr. Wonderful and I am so grateful that he came into my life. He is the one I make the majority of my recipes for!



I don´t have a favourite food. Seriously?  With so many gorgeous recipes and vairiety of foods, how could I pick a favourite? I posted this photo of the squirrel because  sometimes the food on the table looks so good you sort of forget the grace part hahahaa!



When I cook, I think of my husband and parents.  They are truly lovely inspirations. If you cook thinking of people you love, it is much more fun.



I really enjoy a good beer.  Franziskaner (Weissbier) and Guinness are favourites. Don´t mind a glass of wine or two either! My husband, if he knows I have had an especially crappy day, often serves me my favourite beer.  What a guy!



I have this plaque by my bedside to remind me that life is all about learning. Michaelangelo said, “I am still learning¨when he was 87 years old.  I hope that no matter what, I will never lose the desire to learn even if the learning involves making mistakes. Life is an adventure!

Now on to the more interesting part, which is nominating other blogs! You are not obligated to participate in this. I will love your blogs all the same whether you choose to participate or not! You are meant to nominate 15 but I ended up nominating 12!

Beck 🙂

Nathalie 🙂

Paul 🙂



Cathryn 🙂


Ema 🙂

Silje and Ralph:)

Emily 🙂

Lori and Evie:)

Kain Klab:)

I nominated these blogs because they always have something interesting or beautiful which catches my eye!

🍴🍨🍧🍦If you are interested in participating…

Lovely Blogger Award rules/instructions:
1. Thank and link back to the person who nominated you (mention your nominator in your own award post with a link back to their original award post, which would be this one).

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Nominate 15 other bloggers and comment on their blogs (usually on their about page or contact directly if necessary) to let them know.

Xxxx Natascha

12 thoughts on “A Lovely Surprise!

    1. Hi Natascha! Thanks and you’re welcome – you’ve got a beautiful blog and recipes! Just been drooling over the chocolate pots. I actually taught in Madrid 5 years and though I love Barcelona, also had some lovely times in Madrid! Your 7 facts and photos are great… laugh every time I see the cat with his hand up! 🙂 Lili xxx

      1. Those chocolate pots are unbelievable. Today is the last day of my holidays and had one for breakfast hahaha! Barcelona is beautiful! As for the cat, well I love critters and a sense of humpour is necessary in order to be a teacher haha! xxxxxx

      2. Chocolate pot for breakfast sounds perfect!! 🙂 I know what you mean about needing a sense of humour for teaching!!! Though the little primaries can be very funny .. almost as funny as the cat!! 🙂 xxx

  1. Hi Natascha ,

    I just got your blog post and to my surprise saw that you nominated me for the lovely blog award. Thank you so much, I am honored! It is my first blog award.
    I will update my post later and link back to you.

    Thanks again,
    Lori and Evie

  2. Hi Natascha, I too am extremely honoured that you have included me in your lovely bloggers list! I am still on vacation visiting family this week and have limited access to the internet so exploring this fun activity will probably have to wait for a few days still… And since I am a “baby” blogger, I do not know too many other bloggers yet so exploring is needed! Thank you again for adding me to your list. I truly enjoy reading your posts!

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