Julia Child’s Coquilles St Jacques a la Provençale


Hi everyone! I originally posted this way back in January and I made the recipe again yesterday. I just have to repost it in case you are interested !


COQUILLES ST. JACQUES À LA PROVENÇALE [Scallops Gratinéed with Wine, Garlic, and Herbs]
This good recipe may be prepared in advance and gratinéed just before serving. The following proportions are sufficient for a first course. Double them for a main course. Serve a chilled rosé, or a dry white wine such as côtes de Provence. For 6 scallop shells
⅓ cup minced yellow onions
1 Tb butter
1 ½ Tb minced shallot or green onions 1 clove minced garlic
Cook the onions slowly in butter in a small saucepan for 5 minutes or so, until tender and translucent but not browned. Stir in the shallots or onions, and garlic, and cook slowly for 1 minute more. Set aside.

1 ½ lbs. washed scallops
Salt and pepper
1 cup sifted flour in a dish
Dry the scallops and cut into slices ¼ inch thick. Just before cooking, sprinkle with salt and pepper, roll in flour, and shake off excess flour.
2 Tb butter
1 Tb olive oil
A 10-inch enameled skillet
Sauté the scallops quickly in very hot butter and oil for 2 minutes to brown them lightly.


⅔ cup dry white wine, or ½ cup dry white vermouth
3 Tb water
½ bay leaf
⅛ tsp thyme
Pour the wine, or the vermouth and water, into the skillet with the scallops. Add the herbs and the cooked onion mixture. Cover the skillet and simmer for 5 minutes. Then uncover, and if necessary boil down the sauce rapidly for a minute until it is lightly thickened. Correct seasoning, and discard bay leaf.
6 buttered scallop shells, or porcelain or pyrex shells, of ⅓ cup capacity
¼ cup grated Swiss cheese
2 Tb butter cut into 6 pieces
Spoon the scallops and sauce into the shells. Sprinkle with cheese and dot with butter. (*) Set aside or refrigerate until ready to gratiné. Just before serving, run under a moderately hot broiler for 3 to 4 minutes to heat through, and to brown the cheese lightly.



Enjoy!xxxx Natascha