Chocolate and candied orange peel bread



This bread is delicious. If you love the combination of citrus and chocolate, then this is for you. It is easy to do..just keep an eye on the baking time and as you see the top turning brown, cover it with foil 🙂

500 g bread flour
2 eggs
30 g sugar
10 g salt
100 g milk
50 g water
100 unsalted butter
40 g yeast
125 g candied orange peel well rinsed
100 g  dark chocolate broken into chips (Keep in the fridge until ready to use).
1 egg beaten and diluted with a tablespoon of water.
Mix all the ingredients except the butter, orange, and chocolate.  When the mixture is smooth , incorporate these last ingredients.(The beaten egg mixture is for the baking glaze. Don’t use it yet)

Let rest for 45 minutes.


Leave it to double in volume. Glaze the roll with beaten egg mixture. Sprinkle with a pinch of salt.

Bake on low heat 190 ° for about 45-50 minutes. All ovens differ so check for readiness with a toothpick. Must come out clean.

Enjoy! xxxx Natascha