Spelt bread with raisins and walnuts



How I love this recipe. It is not only simple and flavourful bread to make, but it is so beautiful to look at!
There is no massive kneading involved. The majority of time with this recipe is spent waiting for the yeast to do its job. So that means you can go watch a dvd or finish your ironing. How great is that?
A little note about spelt. It is a grain in the wheat family and has been used since 5000 B.C.! It has a very low gluten content and has a kind of nutty flavour.  Even its appearance is distinct from other flours. It is not purely white like baking flour.

It is also an easy flour to work with. Your dough is smooth and not sticky.

So, let’s get started!😆

For this recipe you need:
250 g bread flour
250 g spelt flour
320 g water (room temperature)
10 g fresh yeast
10 g salt
Raisins and walnuts (Maybe about 1/2 a cup of each but it depends upon your tastes. Adjust amounts according to what you like. I was out of walnuts so I added almonds instead. I didnt have brown raisins so I used golden.)

⭐In a bowl, put the flour and crumble in the yeast. Add the water and salt. Mix well. It takes shape fairly quickly.

⭐Lightly flour the countertop and turn the mixture over. Knead for a minute or two so that it takes better shape.

⭐Slightly flatten the ball and put the raisins and walnuts (or almonds) on top.


⭐Using the edges of the ball, fold them in. Knead for 2 minutes or so to incorporate the walnuts and raisins well. You may find that the dough is sticking to the counter. If this happens, relax. Put a light coating of sunflower oil on the counter. Problem solved.

⭐Lightly oil a large bowl, put the ball in and cover with a tea towel. Leave it for two hours. Don’t worry if you leave it a bit longer.

⭐Lightly flour the countertop with flour. Turn the contents of the bowl  over onto the counter and form a ball.

⭐Now the recipe that I have says that you need a baneton. A baneton is a bowl usually made of wood that is used to bread dough to rise and give it shape.


I don’t have one but in reading further about it, I discovered that it is a piece of equipment that you don’t necessarily need to buy. You can get a simple bread basket, sprinkle it generously with flour, and put your dough in.

The basket will give the bread its beautiful shape. So after taking the spelt bread out of the bowl, rolling it in the flour and making the ball, place it in the well floured basket. Put the smoothest side in first. Cover it with the tea towel and leave it to rise for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. It rises a lot.

⭐Preheat the oven to 250°. Have a small glass of water ready.

⭐Turn the basket over carefully onto a baking tray.


And you will see why the basket makes a difference.


Beautiful, right?:)

Now put it in the oven. Pour the glass of water on the bottom of the oven and quickly close the oven door. Lower the oven temperature to 220° Bake for 25 to 30 minutes and cover the bread with foil when you see the top browning.
* In the last 10 minutes, open the oven door for 5 seconds and let some steam escape.
* Leave on a wire rack to cool

Now pour yourself a drinky poo and congratulate yourself!


Enjoy!xxxx Natascha